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Historical Tutbury

By Staff Life  |  Posted: February 05, 2013

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Hidden among the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Staffordshire lies the picturesque village of Tutbury.

Providing something for everyone, Tutbury boasts an impressive selection of shops, cafes, pubs and a fascinating history dating as far back as the Norman Conquest. For those looking for a relaxing day out where you can escape the troubles of busy town and city life, then Tutbury is for you.

Soak in the fresh air and magnificent countryside along Tutbury’s heritage walk around the village and enjoy getting back to nature. Tutbury is the perfect place to prove that bigger isn’t always better!

Zixxi Digital Art

Lower High Street, Tutbury, Staffordshire, DE13 9LU

If you have a taste for contemporary digital art rather than embroidery or other crafts that Tutbury has to offer, don’t fret because there is always Zixxi.

Zixxi are the creators of a unique selection of contemporary digital art. There are a wide variety of abstract digital images available that can be mounted on to an acrylic, block or canvas background. Or, if you prefer, Zixxi are more than willing to mount any personal digital image of your choice. 

Tutbury Castle

Castle Street, Tutbury, Staffordshire, DE13 9JF

Probably the most famous landmark and most popular place to visit in Tutbury is, of course, Tutbury Castle. Along, with the Priory Church of St. Mary the Virgin, the castle boasts an extraordinary history dating as far back as the Norman Conquest of 1066.

The grounds of the castle prove fascinating to walk around and, situated up a hill to the west of Tutbury, provide a magnificent view over-looking the town itself. The castle is certainly not seen as a derelict ruin as it also plays host to a number of exciting events such as music festivals and ghost hunts in an attempt to really bring the history of the castle to life.

‘Chatterbox’ Ceramic Café

Tutbury Mill Mews, Lower High Street, Tutbury, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 9LU

Along with a delicious array of light meals, snacks, salads,

home-made cakes and a selection of hot beverages, the ‘Chatterbox’ Ceramic Café also offers a fantastic arts and crafts experience for all.

Excellent for children, parents, grandparents or those just popping in for a snack, you have the choice to either relax or partake in the crafts and paint your own pot. After you have painted your pot, it will be put through the fire and glazing process and about a week later will be ready to be the centre piece on your own kitchen table!    Offering a very child friendly and warm atmosphere, the ‘Chatterbox’ Ceramic Café provides a relaxing cafe experience with a very welcome twist.

Tutbury Crafts

3 Tutbury Mill Mews, Lower High Street, Staffordshire, DE13 9LU

Whether you are into jewellery making, knitting, embroidery or any other type of crafts, Tutbury Crafts is the perfect place for you.

Not only does Tutbury Crafts sell a variety of materials and handicraft supplies to fuel your own particular passion, but it is perfect for beginners too as a number of workshops are on offer raging from card-making to the crochet club. Having proved extremely successful since opening in 2009, Tutbury crafts is becoming more and more popular, so give it a go!

High Street, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire DE13 9LS. 01283 813030

The Dog & Partridge is a charming 15th century building situated on the High Street. Our extensive menu is available all day every day, along with fine wines, beers and ales.

We have nine luxury heritage en suite bedrooms, all of individual design with modern conveniences. A warm welcome and excellent service from the team is guaranteed.

Did you know…

The Village of Tutbury was featured on a spin-off series of ‘Most Haunted’ called ‘Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders’ where there was an investigation of a murder over hidden treasure.

Quarries near Tutbury once produced alabaster which was used in the carving of Nottingham Alabaster; the English sculpture industry which mainly focussed on small religious carvings.

Since 1472, Tutbury has been the centre of glass manufacturing. Unfortunately, dramatic increases in fuel costs have caused the last remaining factories in Tutbury to close for good.

Not including the Church or Castle, there are 32 listed buildings in Tutbury.

According to an old ballad written by the King of Fiddlers appointed by the Lord of Tutbury Castle, Tutbury played host to the wedding of Robin Hood and a woman named Clorinda.

The name ‘Tutbury’ derives from Anglo-Saxon times. ‘Bury’ means ‘a fortified place’ and ‘tut’ comes from the name of the chieftain of the time — ‘Totta’. So, ‘Tutbury’ translates to ‘Totta’s Castle’ and Totta is the fist recorded resident of Tutbury.

In 1831, while constructing an embankment on the River Dove, workmen found silver coins in the gravel. The further up-stream they worked the more coins they found. Eventually the whole town was searching for them. These coins are said to the payment from Thomas, Earl of Lancaster to his troops and Scottish allies after suffering an attack and defeat from his cousin, King Edward, in the early 1300s for siding with the Scotts against him. There are many rumours as to how the coins were lost.

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